Grout and sealant calculator  

The calculator enables consumption  estimation based on the design data regardless of the type of sealant used (cement-based, epoxy, dispersed, polyurethane, acetic, etc.). In this regard, it is therefore necessary to know the linear meters to be sealed and the width and depth of the joint. The calculator also lets you ascertain  the results in a quantity that is actually to be purchased based on the different available packages

The calculation is based on the actual volume to be filled and product density.

The data provided should only be interpreted as a guideline and for the sole purpose of estimation since there are many other factors that could affect the actual consumption (including yet not restricted to tile roughness, excess residual product, lack of flatness of surfaces, etc.).

How to calculate the size of the elastic joint

a - joint widthb - joint depth
from 0 to 4 [mm]increase the joint width
from 5 to 9 [mm]b = a
from 10 to 20 [mm]b = 10 [mm]
from 21 to 40 [mm]b = a/2[mm]
over 40 [mm]reduce the joint width
To regulate the depth of the joint and prevent the sealant from sticking to the bottom, NEOPOLCER can be put inside the seat of the F.47 joint, a neoprene cord with a high elasticity index, compressibility and totally resistant to mould, fungus and bacteria.

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