Over 40 years of dedicated experience at the core of the Italian ceramic industry since its establishment in Sassuolo in 1977 have enabled CERCOL to interpret technical developments in the construction sector and become a benchmark in the market of professional construction products. 

Research and development activities are of primary importance to CERCOL, focusing on innovation and continuous control over the raw materials that make it possible to secure high quality eco-sustainable products. 

A precise and timely customer care system accompanies customers in product selection, streamlines management and order fulfilment, and guarantees an effective after-sales support thanks to highly trained sales and technical personnel. 

Tradition, expertise, innovation and quality 

The company's efforts in terms of quality and respect for the environment and safety have been certified as integrated company management systems were implemented in compliance with standards  UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001and BS OHSAS 18001. 

The CERCOL product range is extensively comprehensive and technologically advanced to satisfy all the needs of customers and the market.

The quality of the products supplied together with the elevated technical expertise and commercial professionalism with which CERCOL has always worked have proven to be a successful combination for the company to steadily build its well-deserved reputation in Italy and abroad and a constant growth in over 40 years of productivity.


Research and development

CERCOL invests heavily in Research and Development with a view to including safe and environmentally sustainable products and solutions with reduced environmental impact; considering the entire life cycle of the products and planning activities that safeguard the environment and the health and safety of operators and end users. Always careful in responding to the needs and expectations of its customers, CERCOL believes that Research and Development is essential to be able to meet the demands of a market that is increasingly oriented towards safe, specific and high-performance products.

Technical support

The support services that technical support provide to the customers and the sales force mainly comprise:

  • site inspections through supervision activities and practical product use demonstrations;
  • ad-hoc telephone consultancy and technical reporting.
  • Constant updating of technical documentation that includes technical datasheets, safety datasheets, installation systems.

The goal of CERCOL technical support entails understanding, interpreting and satisfying the needs of customers and the sales force, and also providing effective support to the sales network and sector operators for not only meeting the present expectations of customers but also anticipating future ones.




CERCOLbelieves that customer and sales force training provides an essential tool for growth and competitiveness. In this regard, CERCOLperiodically organizes regular training meetings, seminars, conferences and refresher courses for customers and construction sector professionals at external sites and within its own facilities.

In doing so, CERCOL  also aims to train and qualify the Sales Force, rendering it capable of technically operating independently and responsibly in the market while building the skills and capabilities necessary to provide customers with valid and autonomous support.

Sales force

CERCOLhas a well-structured and qualified sales force network whose continuous training affording them a thorough understanding of the products and technical developments in the sector constitutes an important reference point for customers and ensures business development and competitive advantages.


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