Single-component silicone sealant with acetic cross-linking. Weather, ageing and UV resistant.
Excellent workability and adhesion to ceramic substrates.
For floors and walls.
For indoor horizontal surfaces and outdoor and indoor vertical ones.
Available in 15 colours.

Suitable applications:
- Sealing expansion joints on external façades and swimming pools;
- Sealing windows and frames;
- Sealing between sinks and bathroom appliances
- Sealing expansion joints in indoor walkways;
- Sealing glass, ceramic, anodized aluminium, acrylic / acrylic glass / PMMA (Plexiglas, etc.);
- Can be used on wood, metal, painted surfaces, rubber;
- Sealing expansion joints liable to move ± 25% from their initial position;
- Making perfectly elastic seals between structural components in the building, mechanical,
shipbuilding, automotive and industrial sectors;
- Grouting ceramic wall (indoor/outdoor) and floor (indoor) tiles;
- Toilets and ceramic tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and showers;
- Assembly of glass and stained glass;
- Sealing water and air pipes, spotlight ducts, portholes, windows and glass walls;

Refer to the table below for guidance

310 ml cartridges in boxes containing 12 pcs.

Consistency: Thixotropic paste
Colour: Various - Consult the general catalogue
Hazard classification: Consult the Safety Data Sheet
Density according to ISO 1183-1 (g/cm3): ~ 1,0
Volume loss according to ISO 10563 (%): <10
Shore hardness A according to ISO 868: ~ 20
Admissible overall deformation (%): 25
Elastic modulus at 100% according to ISO 37, S3A (N/mm2): ~ 0,3
Elongation at break according to ISO 37, S3A (%): 900
Tensile strength according to ISO 37, S3A (N/mm2): 1,8
Thermal resistance: From -40 to +180 °C
Admissible application temperature: From +5°C to +35°C
Extrusion rate according to standard ISO 8394-1: 140-170 g/min
Polymerization rate: 2-3 mm after 24 hours
Skin formation rate: ~ 10 min.
Storage: time 18 months in original packaging in a dry place

Related documentation

Technical data sheet
Safety Data Sheet
CE Declaration of Performance

Color Palette

00 White
10 Jasmin
133 Sand
14 Light beige

F.15 SETASIL AC is part of the lines:

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