Silicone sealant with neutral cross-linking, MEKO-free, low modulus of elasticity, mould-resistant, low VOC emission, especially suitable for sealing edged joints made of absorbent material (natural stone, cement-based materials, etc.). High abrasion, bad weather, ageing and UV rays resistance. MAT FINISH. For floors and walls.
Horizontal and vertical surfaces.
For indoor and outdoor use.

Suitable applications:

- Sealing the fractioning joints in floor and wall coverings made of marble and all types of natural
stone, such as sandstone, quartzite, granite, gneiss, porphyry, etc., both indoor and outdoor;
- Sealing the fractioning joints in swimming pools coated with natural stone, also when
permanently immersed;
- Sealing acid-sensitive materials (e.g. mirrors, etc...);
- Sealing in special cases when a neutral, odourless product is explicitly required (e.g. materials
in contact with metal profiles sensitive to acetic acid);
- Sealing the joints in façades and cladding made of natural or composite stone of all types;
- Sealing the joints between prefabricated panels used for constructing buildings and industrial
- Sealing concrete or cellular concrete;
- Sealing elements made of metal, PVC, glass panes and windows in frames made of aluminium,
PVC, wood;
- Sealing elements in polycarbonate, polymethylacrylate, ABS;
- Sealing air and hot water ducts, pipes through which cables are routed and seals in general;
- Sealing the expansion joints in terraces and external façades;
- Sealing materials with different expansion coefficient;
- Adhesive-sealant for general use.

Refer to the table below for guidance

310 ml cartridges in boxes containing 12 pcs.

Classification according to EN 15651-1: F EXT-INT CC
Classification according to EN 15651-3: XS 1
Classification according to EN 15651-4: PW EXT-INT
Consistency: Thixotropic paste
Colour: Various - Consult the general catalogue
Hazard classification: Consult the Safety Data Sheet
Density: according to ISO 1183-1 (g/cm3) ~ 1,0
Volume loss: according to ISO 10563 (%) <10
Shore hardness A according to ISO 868: ~ 30
Admissible overall deformation: (%) 25
Elastic modulus at 100% according to ISO 37, S3A (N/mm2): ~ 0,5
Elongation at break according to ISO 37, S3A: (%) 600
Tensile strength according to ISO 37, S3A (N/mm2): ~ 1,4
Thermal resistance: from -40 to +180 °C
Admissible application temperature: from +5°C to +35°C
Extrusion rate according to standard ISO 8394-1: 130-160 g/min
Polymerization rate: 2-3 mm after 24 h
Skin formation rate: ~ 10 min.
Ready for light traffic: after 24 hours
Storage time: 15 months in unopened packaging in a dry place

Related documentation

Technical data sheet
Safety Data Sheet
CE Declaration of Performance

Color Palette

00 White
10 Jasmin
46 Silver
50 Grey

F.15 SETASTONE N is part of the lines:

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