100% fibre glass mesh treated with anti-alkaline primer.
Suitable for:

• Reinforcing between a first and second waterproofing coat of the F.72 ELASTOMALTA type.
• Reinforcement of dehumidifying plasters such as F.78 MUROSAN and F.78 MUROSAN FINE, and smoothing plasters such as F.60 RASOCEM, F.61 RASOFIN, F.64 RASOPLAN and F.63 RASOQUICK.
• Reinforcement of smoothing mortars made with F.11 BIOTHERM on thermal insulation systems (F.25 RETE possesses ETAG 004 European technical approval for insulation systems).

For vertical and horizontal surfaces. For indoor and outdoor use.


50 m2 roll wound with polyethylene.

Appearance: Mesh with anti-alkaline primer
Hazard classification: Consult the technical and safety data sheets for more details
Mesh size: 4.0x4.5 mm
Linear density per 100 mm
Warp 21x2
Weft 17.5
Weight of primer-impregnated netting: 145 g/m2
Length of roll: 50 m
Width of roll: 100 cm
Tensile strength (standard conditions): 2100 N/5 cm
Tensile elongation (standard conditions): 3.8%
Storage: Unlimited in original packaging in a dry place

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