Extremely flexible, transpiring, waterproofing, two-component (powder and latex), fiberreinforced
cement-based final coating mortar. Once the product has hardened, it forms a flexible, waterproof layer with excellent resistance to the atmospheric agents. Bonds extremely well to concrete, brickwork and ceramic surfaces since it contains a high percentage of synthetic resins.

Suitable for:
• Waterproofing flat surfaces such as balconies, terraces, concrete roofs unfit for pedestrian traffic, basins, cisterns and swimming pools.
• As a finishing protection for concrete surfaces (also vertical) against the action of smog, carbon
dioxide and sea salt (saltiness in the air) (use F.25 RETE in these cases), for waterproofing old terraces and balconies clad in ceramic tiles, paving tiles, porcelain and cement prior to laying new flooring materials with adhesives from the F.55 line. Add 2 kg of component B for brush application.
Apply a 2/3 mm layer in two crossed coats. To increase the ability to withstand movements that can create cracks on the surface, insert F.25 RETE between the first and second coat.
Mix 24 kg of component A with 10 kg of component B for application with a roller or brush.

For vertical and horizontal surfaces. For indoor and outdoor use. 


1.6 kg/m2 per mm of thickness (recommended thickness 2 mm).
24 kg bags (Comp. A) and 8 kg drums (Comp. B).

Comp. A + Comp. B
Appearance: Grey powder + White latex
Hazard classification: Consult the technical and safety data sheets for more details
Mixing ratio: Powder/latex A/B=3/1
Application temperature: range From +8°C to +35°C
Pot-life of mixture: 60 min.
Thickness obtained: 2 mm per coat
Recommended thickness: 2/3 mm
Walk-over time: 24/36 hours
Laying ceramic tiles, natural stones, parquet, vinyl and composite flooring: 36/48 hours
Final setting: After 14 days
Thermal resistance: From -30° to +90°C
Storage Comp. A: 12 months in original packaging in a dry place.
Storage Comp. B: 24 months in original packaging in a dry place.

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