Osmotic cement-based mortar for waterproofing underground masonry, structures used for holding water (also drinkable - the product is certified) and cellars in general.

The mortar is also ideal for protecting concrete. Good waterproofing properties in the case of counter-thrust damp.

For waterproofing:

• Concrete tanks, cisterns for collecting sewage or drinking water, precast traps, concrete swimming pools and walls, foundation walls, cellars, basements, underground tanks, lift wells, irrigation channels.
Suitable for:
• Refurbishing underground masonry structures subject to infiltration water or damp, also in counter-thrust of up to 1 Atm.
For floors and walls. For indoor and outdoor use. PROFESSIONAL USE.

Average coverage
approx. 3 kg/m2 (two coats), 3 coats are recommended for places with strongly back-thrusting damp (coverage approx. 4-5 kg/m2)

25 kg bags

Appearance: Grey powder
Hazard classification: Consult the technical and safety data sheets for more details
Mixing ratio: 5.5/6 l of water per 25 kg bag (6 l: fluid consistency)
Application temperature range: From +5°C to +35°C
Resistance to backthrusting water: 1 Atm
Apparent bulk density: 1300 kg/m3
Application of next coat: After 5 hours and not beyond 24 hours at +20°C
Pot-life of mixture: ≥±2 hours
Final setting: After 7 days
Contact with drinking water: Suitable
Thermal resistance: From -30°C to +90°C
Storage: 12 months in original packaging in a dry place

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Technical data sheet
Safety Data Sheet
CE Declaration of Performance

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