Breathable fibre-reinforced mortar/grout for plaster and masonry, with high mechanical performance, containing natural hydraulic lime and with very low emission of VOCs, for reinforced plaster, including structural plaster, and for bedding. Ideal for creating earthquake-resistant composite reinforcement systems and for repairing damaged walls. Suitable for load-bearing walls or curtain walls.

For indoors and outdoors. PROFESSIONAL USE.

Suitable for:

- Machine or trowel application of new breathable plaster products both indoors and outdoors, on walls made of stone, bricks, tuff and mixed materials, including high-value masonry, with high mechanical performance mortar.

- Application of plaster “reinforced” galvanised steel or composite meshes (F.25 RETE STRUTTURALE M30) for the strengthening, reinforcement and restoration of mechanically weak masonry.

- Implementation of structural reinforcement systems of the CRM (Composite Reinforced Mortar) type in association with suitable composite material meshes, for the reinforcement of weak and/or damaged masonry.

- Sealing of joints between exposed stone, brick and tuff masonry.

- Creation of “reinforced hoods” on the extrados of vaults with metal or composite material reinforcement mesh (F.25 RETE STRUTTURALE M30).

- Extrados levelling of vaults with uneven surfaces.

- Creation of wall surfaces that meet the requirements for a seismic zone.

- Carrying out “cladding” or “patching” work on wall surfaces where there are holes and/or unevenness.


Approx. 16 kg/m2 per cm of thickness (minimum thickness required = 1 cm).


25 kg bags.


Appearance: Light grey powder

Maximum size of aggregate: 2,5 mm

Application temperature: from +5°C to +35 °C

Pot life of the mixture: approx. 60 min.

Minimum thickness per coat: 10 mm

Maximum thickness per coat: 40 mm

EMICODE EC1PLUS – ultra-low emission

Storage: 12 months in unopened packaging in a dry place

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