Varchera's Estate

Location icon Oliveto Citra, Italy
Ref #: 36


Yard Interior Floors
Location Oliveto Citra, Italy
Subcategory PALACE
Application Floor Covering, Floor Installation, Waterproofing Works
Start and finish date 2018/2019
Application Type Floor/wall covering, Installation of floors, Waterproofing systems

Product used for the project

F.15 SETASTUC 0-6 mm
F.15 SETASTUC 0-6 mm
Single-component water-repellent anti-mould grout based on special cements with…
F.55 CERMONO PLUS (White - Grey)
F.55 CERMONO PLUS (White - Grey)
Single-component, deformable, improved cement-based adhesive with extended open…
F.55 CERMONO-T (White - Grey)
F.55 CERMONO-T (White - Grey)
Single-component quartz-based adhesive with mixed binder, extended open time…

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