Condominio Carducci

Location icon Novi Ligure, Italy
Ref #: 47


Yard external facades
Location Novi Ligure, Italy
Subcategory HOUSE
Built in 2022
Application Insatallation of external thermal insulation systhem
During 2022 CERCOL supplied numerous types of products used for the energy efficiency works of the Carducci condominium in Novi Ligure (AL), carried out by Ristrutturazioni Novese S.R.L. The existing facades were covered with thermal insulating panels in expanded polystyrene using F.11 BIOTHERM GM BIANCO for their bonding and F.11 EJOTHERM H2 dowels for mechanical fastening. The subsequent reinforced shaving was performed using F.11 BIOTHERM GM BIANCO applied in 2 consecutive coats with F.25 RETE interposed. Finally, the finishing cycle was applied, first with the application of F.12 QUARZO PRIMER and then of F.12 QUARZO TONACHINO.
Application Type Facade interventions, Floor/wall coverings, Wall coverings

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