Hotel Vela

Location icon Milano Marittima, Italy
Ref #: 45


Yard external facade
Location Milano Marittima, Italy
Subcategory HOTEL/INN
Application Redevelopment of the external facade
During 2021, CERCOL supplied the products for the redevelopment of the Hotel Vela in Milano Marittima (RA). The existing facades with old paint firmly anchored, after careful cleaning, were smoothed with F.11 BIOTHERM GM (Fiber-reinforced adhesive / smoothing compound for laying / smoothing thermal insulation panels in external thermal insulation systems and smoothing old existing walls also painted). The CERCOL acrylic-siloxane finishing cycle was then applied, first with the spreading of F.12 SILCOLOR PRIMER PLUS (Pigmented siloxane primer, for exteriors and interiors, smoothing, filling and adhesion promoter, resistant to mold and algae ) and then of F.12 SILCOLOR TONACHINO PLUS (Acryl-siloxane coating with fiber-reinforced hygienic thickness for interiors and exteriors, water-repellent and resistant to mold and algae. Product certified in classes V1-W3 according to the EN 15824 standard)
Start and finish date 2021
Application Type Facade interventions, Floor/wall coverings, Surface preparation, Wall coverings

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